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How to Config Projects in Project Management System?

Before Adding Projects in Work Item, first, we need to Config Projects in Project Management System.

  • Click on Context Menu  Project  Config Projects.
  • Click on "Add New Project"
  • You will get a popup window where you can see fields like 
    • Name 
      • Name here indicates Title of a Project (Eg: Officegx is the name of my project )
    • Display Order
      • Display Order is nothing but an order which is listed in the drop down.
      • According to the chosen numeric the Projects will be displayed in the dropdown.
    • Is Active
      • If you want to keep particular project as Operational or live then you need to enable Is Active checkbox.
    • Start Date
      • Start Date states the planned day for your Project.
      • You can choose the date from the calendar which is their on Start Date field.
    • End Date
      • The Date on which your Project Ends.
    • Account
      • This Filed includes Account Name from CRM Account. 
    • Average Day Hour
      • It states  average of your working hours of a day.
  • After filling all the above fields click on "Add" button.
  • Expand the Newly Added Project you can see two tabs namely
    • Assigned Users 
      • Admin can assign the users to that particular Project.
      • Note:  Only assigned users can access any work items under this project
    • Sprints
      • You can Create New Sprint by clicking on "Add New Sprint".
      • Give the Start date & End date and click on "Add" button.