About OfficeGx

  • PMSProject Management System
  • TMSTime Management System
  • CRMCustomer Relationship Management
  • CMSContent Management System
  • WMSWidget Management System
  • SMSSupport Management System

OfficeGx is a Generation Next application to address all your office needs. OfficeGx is shipped with eight robust modules that can make your company operations run seamlessly. Join the change, feel the control and add up to your success. Save the hurdle of installing and maintaining on-premise, simply access it via the Internet and configure.

OfficeGx gives you a complete control over your organization through which you can manage your team to the best of their abilities from anywhere in this world. This application is designed to support all popular smart devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Desktop computers and others. This platform is completely secured with all techno-standards.

Key Modules

Project Management System
A perfect way to manage your project with complete control on teamwork progress and work reports. Its integrated and seamless range of mechanisms, the project management system can keep up your work with useful features such as Work History, Work Estimates, Custom Filters, Reports and more.
Time Tracker
Time Management System
It is an innovative way of increasing the work productivity by monitoring and tracking the time log of employees using the reporting log entries accurately. The most attractive feature in this system is Face recognition gives an authenticated time tracking reports by capturing the photograph.
Customer Relationship
Customer Relationship Management
The customer relationship management module offers end to end integrated process that helps you increase the efficiency of managing your customers, leads, and Accounts and never miss a business. Just connect with the OfficeGx for CRM and you can Integrate and run your business on any device.
Content Management System
A power packed CMS allows you to create, edit, schedule and publish your content. It gives the power to optimize the Url and tags and keeps your SEO on track. It includes Versioning, Role Based visibility and many modern search engine concepts like open graph and much more to manage content.
Widget Management System
A user-friendly interface for creating Banners and even a non-technical user can master the Ads within a few sessions. You can track clicks and impressions accurately and schedule the visibility within a specific date you have scheduled. It is very helpful to manage the widgets more easier.
User Management
User Management System
Manage your company information, branding, SEO and many others in one place. This module allows you to handle employee profiles and their organization roles. It also generates detailed audit reports on the user activities. Optimize your Office Management with OfficeGx User Management system.
Wide range of tutorials explaining each and every nice feature of OfficeGx. It is easy to learn, easy to setup and easy to use. Follow our YouTube channel for all latest updates (including Beta features) and watch tutorials on how to configure and use OfficeGx.