Compare OfficeGx Project Management With Top 5 Project Management Softwares

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Project Management Software

Businesses are no longer relying on the traditional approaches for managing their projects. Today’s robust technology allows automating the process of management to deliver strategic results.  Efficient project management software can help the project managers and teams to collaborate, manage time, budget and resources and can keep the project management on track.

However, there are several options available and choosing the right software is still a daunting process for your business. Buyers always look for decisive factors and features. The ‘comparison’ is the first and foremost thing that every buyer tries to find the best choice. 

So, we are comparing our robust project management software OfficeGx with top 5 project management software systems we have on the market.


Wrike is a front-runner when comes to the list of project management software.It is best for small businesses as it offers great features like Time Tracking, Gnat chart, Built-in Templates, tracks budget, Emails, and synchronization of Calendar, personal dashboard optimization, and live activity.


Freemium feature allows up to 5 users.

Real-time updates on editing

Gnat chart

Time tracking

Budget tracking


User Interface

Some issues with integration

No built-in chat


Monday is suitable for companies of all sizes/ it streamlines the workflow in teams and manages the workloads efficiently and hence schedules the works in an organized way.The pricing starts from 5 users and comes with a scalable system.


Team progress

Deadline chart

Simple navigation and on-board support

Customizable API

Enhancements and new features


It Cannot integrate with Gmail

It cannot cover freelance team

It requires the Complex process to setup automatic remainders.


Tracking and managing the team workflow is very easy with Asana. This software is simple and comfortable to use. It provides excellent support in execution, achievement, and development of company goals. It is available as free, premium and enterprise version with comprehensive features.


Real-time updates

Simple User Interface

Priority-based tasking

Robust freemium features

Project progress tracking


Not available offline

Clunky search feature

Unnecessary features in paid plan


Basecamp is one of the best project management software that provides consolidated to-do lists, spreadsheets, documents and also streamlines the emails and chats for better business communication. It comes with task management and customization features.


Centralized screen for tasks, status, support and team notes

Discussion boards

Folder sharing

Easy check-ins


Not flexible in pricing

Not sophisticated

No tailored features


It is ideal for teams and works best for creative and software teams but require agile project planning. Premium plan starts from $9.99 per month


Drag and drop functionality

Good data management



Projects cannot be viewed in detail

Can't access by due date and individual user

Now that, you have understood the current project management software in the market and now, let us go through OfficeGx – Project Management system and how it can differentiate the above software products.

OfficeGx Project Management System

OfficeGx is a feature-rich platform that offers the best project management system with competitive pricing. OfficeGx project management system provides seamless integration and provides the ability to control progress and keep up the teamwork. Work Estimates, Capacity checker, Automatic alerts, and status reports, Custom Filters, Work History and Reports are some of the most featured features in Project Management system.

The following points can reveal about How OfficeGX Project Management system is different(or better) from that are available in the market.

·         Freemium feature for lifetime with 2 users

·         Simple and precise User-Interface

·         User-friendly software that integrates seamlessly

·         Individual dashboard

·         Detailed list of work items

·         Promotes organized workflow

·         Past, present and future task organize

·         Automatic updates on each project status.

·         Project estimator and capacity checker.

·         Drag and drop filters

·         Invoice mapping

·         Chat support

·         Best for team collaborations

·         No complex setup and integrate on go.

·         Precise Application for project needs

OfficeGx is suitable to companies at all levels for effective project management system. It helps companies to take their project management to the next level.