Privacy Policy

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OfficeGX is a cloud-based SaaS model app that provides services for Project Management, Time/Employee Management, Content Management, Customer Management, Payroll etc. At Office GX, we respect your privacy and we will make sure that your private information is safe with us at all cost.

The page below constitutes the Privacy Policy which is designed to keep the users aware as to how their information will be collected, stored, used or disclosed by Office GX. The ‘company’, ‘we’, ‘us’ all refer to Office GX and our website or any linked app will be referred to as ‘services’. All the data that you or your customers submit for using our platform or services will be governed by the privacy agreement given below. Make sure you go through the policy to avoid any inconvenience.

The policy is subject to change whenever the company deems fit, and you are advised to keep visiting this page to keep yourself updated with the changes. Any changes to the policy will be highlighted by stating the ‘Last Modified’ at the top of the Privacy Policy page. By using our services, you agree to understand and abide by all our policies.

Information Collected

Upon registration for using our services, you will be asked to provide information including, but not limited to, name, valid email address, physical addresses, phone numbers etc. For using the website or any relevant service, the users will be prompted to choose usernames, and passwords. You agree to provide valid personal information to access our services. OfficeGx can validate the information provided by you via multiple sources, therefore, avoid using any forged documents or details. Providing fake details for using our services may result in the termination of your account for an indefinite period of time as the company deems fit. All the above-mentioned information will be stored safely using secure servers which will be looked after by certified professionals.

Regarding your business or users/employees , the company will collect the same information as collected from you. We will have access to all the information provided by them including, but not limited to names, email accounts, addresses, phone numbers, preferences etc. The access to this information is solely for the provision of services to them as requested by you. The information collected will not be disclosed to any party unless explicitly agreed upon between the company and the client. We do not sell personal information to anyone for promotional purposes unless consented to by our clients. It may be noted that such information can be provided to the law enforcement agencies in case of any fraudulent activities carried out by the users of our services. 

If there is an option of referring the services to your friends, you will be asked to provide their email addresses and names so that we may offer our services to the referred friends. The information collected will be saved by our team of professionals, however, if the referred people do not like the information to be stored with us, they can contact us at

OfficeGx shares the experience of its clients on its website through testimonials written by the clients. Such testimonials are posted only if consented to by the client. We post the experiences of our clients as they are without forging any single word, therefore, any information provided by the client in the testimonial will not be the responsibility of the company.

OfficeGx stores information such as usage details including, but not limited to, services used, average visiting time, the frequency of visits, storage used, user preferences, usage patterns in compliance with our terms of service. In addition, we also record the contents of users including, but not limited to, files, profile photos, to-do lists, meetings, schedules, emails. The information gathered during the usage of our services are backed up at regular intervals to avoid data losses due to unanticipated mishaps like system failures, fire or any other emergency. The backing up of the data means that the information stays safe with us even when the user accounts are no longer active. None of this information is available to anyone in any case, except mentioned otherwise in our terms of use or privacy policy. The information is not used for targeted promotions or any other advertisement purpose.

In case of services requiring payments, we ask you to provide valid payment information including credit cards or any other payment medium supported by OfficeGx. Providing fraudulent information in the name of payment details is strictly prohibited and severe action will be taken against those who provide forged documents or details. We have the right to verify your details as well. The information provided by you will be kept safe by the Payment Gateway used by Office GX in accordance with our policy, as they have signed a legally binding document with us. If you face any problem with the transactions, feel free to contact our customer support agents at

Other information collected by OfficeGx includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, user location, time zones, browser type and other preferences as well as languages and services used to keep a track of the performance of our website. This information, together with all the information recorded from you while you use our services, is collectively used to improve our services which ultimately bodes well for you as well the company. None of this information stored in our log files will be sold to any third party, nor it will it be used for any targeted advertisement. Be sure that this information is safe with us and will only be used to enhance user experience.

There may be third-party material on our website like advertisements or any other helpful material linked to our website. These third-party service providers may use behavioral targeting/re-targeting based on your interests, however, if you want to opt-out of these interest-based ads, you can turn off the cookies using your browser or contact us at However, you may still see generic ads on the platform. Some of our features may be provided in partnership with third party vendors and it will be explicitly mentioned if the service is solely provided by OfficeGx or through any partner website or affiliate. Opting to open those adverts or anything associated with third-party service providers is solely your decision and we hold no responsibility for it. Before redirecting to third-party websites, you are advised to go through their privacy policies and terms of use to avoid any inconvenience. 

OfficeGx has some external links displayed on its platform which are solely placed to help you navigate through the website better and use it more efficiently. We take no responsibility for such links as these are offered by third party service providers. Before providing any personal or non-personal information on such websites, make sure you understand their privacy policy completely.

The information is never safe over the internet; however, we make sure that we comply with appropriate standards to keep your personal data safe. However, if due to any reason, your data is lost or leaked by someone using a virus or unethical hacking of our servers, we take no responsibility for such data loss. OfficeGx will do everything in its power to keep safe, or retrieve the stolen data, and punish the offender using legal measures.

How it is Collected

The information, both personally identifying as well as non-personally identifying, is collected with the prior consent of the users and there will be no hidden recording of your data. The only way we collect data is how it is mentioned in our privacy policy. The personally identifying information including, but not limited to, name, email addresses, phone numbers etc. will be collected upon profile set up or through third-party users in accordance with the policy. 

For non-personally identifying information, we use tracking technologies like cookies, both temporary and permanent to enrich your experience on our platform. The IP address, browser sessions, browser language, history and other preferences are stored through small data files called cookies which are stored on the user’s computers to keep a track of the preferences and to remember information like usernames and passwords, items in the cart etc.

It is solely up to you to stay logged-in to our website for your convenience. The website asks for your consent whether you want the password to be saved or not. You can turn off the cookies in your browser settings, however, this may block certain areas of the registered services. Scripts, tags, beacons and cookies collectively analyze user trends, user behavior as well as to collect demographic data to understand our customer base better.

How We Use the Information

The email addresses collected by OfficeGx are liable to be used by the company for promotional emails, new offers, upcoming events, new releases and improvement in services via newsletters or other periodic reports to ensure that you stay updated with our services. The user has the right to unsubscribe to such emails at the bottom of the email text by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ clickable link. 

OfficeGx holds the right to use the information collected from you for generating reports and indexes for publication in monthly, quarterly, or annual reports as the company desires. We can share such reports at our website or any other public forum without any prior notice. We may, however, inform you about such publications to ensure transparency.

Another most important use of the data acquired using tracking technologies is to improve our services and to enhance the experience of the users. The information gathered during profile set-up or at later stages of service usage can be shared with our affiliates, partner websites, third-party service providers and vendors to the provision of the services to you. It may be noted that the affiliates and third-party service providers are in a legally binding relationship with us and your data is safe with them. Failure to comply with the legal frameworks would result in severe action against the defaulters and we will ensure that your data stays safe at all cost.

Sharing Your Information

The aggregated reports and indexes may also be shared with our business partners and advertisers, for targeted advertising. In case of a merger or acquisition of OfficeGx, a portion of the assets or the whole business, the company will be liable to share your information recorded with us to the acquirer. However, all the users will be notified prior to such a business deal. It will be up to you to keep using our services in case of a change in the ownership.

In case of any illegal activity from the clients, the company holds the right to disclose all your personal and non-personal information with law enforcement authorities to prevent the business as well the general public. Such crimes will be reported to the relevant authorities e.g. in case of unauthorized access to the servers, we will report and fully cooperate with cyber crime investigation agencies as an obligation.

Contact Us

If there’s any ambiguity regarding the privacy policy statement, feel free to contact us at Your precious feedback regarding the privacy statement is highly appreciated and we would definitely look into your suggestions if you think there’s anything missing.