Best Project Management System in OfficeGx PMS

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Project Management System

Projet Management System

Project Management system allows you to track the complete work board of your team in a precise way. The Tasks can be segregated as TODO Showing future tasks, ACTIVE for in-progress tasks, TESTING for completed tasks, RE-OPENED for editing of previous tasks and finally DONE list of completed tasks.

Map to Invoice

The best solution for managing your employees with client-based work. The work items can be mapped to invoice if the work is client based and chargeable. So that, you can track the work progress and invoice of that particular work item. It helps you to keep the client based work on the track and also organize the same in a better way.

Capacity Check

Capacity Checker appears on every work item created. It estimates the employee work potential on a particular work item basing on the estimated log hours. The employee will get paid basing on log hours and clock in timings. The capability of completing a specific task can be revealed with this feature.

Estimate Workload

ime estimates can enhance the employee work productivity. Basing on the estimated hours on a particular task in the work item list can reveal the employee caliber towards a particular work. So, assigning the right work for the right candidate can save me as well as delivers quality results. It also enables to track and review the work in detail using Estimate.

Customized Filters

Filters will appear at the top right of the users Work Filters will appear at the top right of the users Work items in one place. By using customized filters, we can track the work progress basing on assigned to and status by simply dragging the columns and can add as filters to check all the work items with ease. It is very simple and comfortable way to track the work.

Saves Time Aan Increases Productivity

The menu is designed for better organization of what exactly is going with every employee of the company regarding work. The work status, Work assignees, estimated hours and priorities make your project more organized. Users can just drag and drop the columns to check in the group

Project Management Configuration

Project Management Configuration

  • Statuses
  • Categories
  • Projects
  • Board
  • Properties
  • List view
  • Priorities
  • Types


Admin and users can add new work items by providing the appropriate title, project, priority, description, notify with ease. Te log hours, work status can be sent to the admin time to time whenever the task gets completed and updated in the Workboard. So, it is easy for the companies to track employee estimated work hours on each project and work status in detail.

Assign and Transfers


Reward your employees by knowing the top 5 employees of your company basing on their work results. OfficeGx Project Management system tracks your employee work record and provides the top employee list basing on their activities and dedicated working hours.


Status Graph for Work Items

The Status Graph in OfficeGx is designed to provide you in-detail status on every work item progress. Timely status update flow explained in beside design keeps you updated on every individual project like Ready to In-Progress, In-Progress to Resolve and Resolve to Complete. The work items can be re-opened for changes, and the same flow follows.

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