Support Management System Live Chat in OfficeGx - SMS

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Live Chat:Track Online Visitors

  1. A user can track the visitors on the live chat.

  2. Interaction and maintaining a friendly relationship with the visitors by the chat greatly improves the rating of company.

  3. With LiveChat, a user can track the people visiting their website. And based on this information, better support and buying experience can be provided to the clients.

Read visitor GEO Information

  1. A user can track the location details of a visitor.

  2. A user can decipher where a visitor belongs to.

Invite Visitors for Live Chat

  1. A visitor is invited by the admin itself.

  2. By this  invitation the visitor will have the access to chat.

Unlimited Agents to Interact with Visitors

  1. Agents can interact with visitors through the live chat.

  2. Likewise, Visitors can feel free to interact with Agents.

Save/Email Chat Conversation

  1. A user can directly connect with the viewers/visitors by mailing them.

  2. The user can receive the necessary feedbacks through the mail.