Widget Management System in OfficeGx -WMS

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Configure Static and Animated Content blocks in WMS

  • To configure the static template: Add a new template; choose the position and size of template.
  • Add one item to the template, which will include the option of a background color and a background image. 

Scheduled Widget

  • A particular fixed time period during which a particular task will be completed.
  • One can choose to see everything scheduled at business or filter the widget to check the status of specific locations or for specific staff members.


Position Widgets

  • There are particular defined positions for the content.
  • Based on the client requirement the content is placed on the particular position.
  • For example if a title has to be placed at the middle then the position widget is mentioned as center.

Track Impressions, Clicks

  • The number of times a user visits a page is considered as impressions.
  • On visiting the page if a user clicks on it, it is considered as Clicks.
  • The number of clicks and impressions report will be displayed.