User Management System in OfficeGx - UMS

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UMS Invitation Based Access

  1. In an invitation, we get the access to login.

  2. NOTE: Only Admin can access the invitation for the users.

User Audit Info in User Management System

  1. Admin can assign all the details of a user.

  2. Admin can overview the various user's  profile URL’s.

  3. Admin can overview the current status of a user.

  4. Admin can view the user logins at the audit info.

Access Control

  1. The access will be provided to the user to view and use different modules of OfficeGx.

  2. The credential will be an access card.

  3. An access control point can either be a door, turnstile,  parking gate,  elevator,  or other physical barriers,  where granting access can be electronically controlled.

  4. Access control is generally a security control provided through a computer-based method or a physical element, such as face recognition, biometric etc..

Designation Specification In User Management

  1. Role management will help you manage authorization, which in turn enables you to specify the resources that users in your application are allowed to access.

  2. Role management allows you to treat groups of users as a unit by assigning roles such as manager,  sales,  member and so on and forth.

  3. The title and the role of the employee/user can be found here.

  4. In other words, Role can be termed as an identity of a particular user/employee assigned on particular task.

Activity Tracking

  1. The activity of the user can be seen.

  2. The admin can track the details of the particular user.

User Profile Customization

  1. A user can view their personal details such as name, contact number, mail id, time and status.

  2. A user can also upload their profile picture which could further be used in various places such as comments in the work item etc.

  3. A user can view their current status and the list of projects he/she has access too.

User Invites

  • Registration by Invitation
  1. A user can be given access into Firm/Organization through an invitation from the admin.
  2. Admin can invite a user by sending an e-mail along with the link of registration.
  3. This invitation will include the name, e-mail and user type(employee, manager, human resource, anonymous user).
  4. As displayed in the image, clicking on that link mailed will provide access to login.