Time Management System in OfficeGx - TMS

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Clock in/ Clock out

Time Management system provides an authenticated access to the staff to track IN and OUT Timings. The Daily punch IN and Punch-Out timings will be listed and stored in a cloud. It helps companies to manage the employee punctuality and can also keep remote employees on track.

Face Capture /Recognition Security in TMS

Time Management System in OfficeGx provides best security system with Face Capture or Face recognition feature. The Employees clock in and Clock Out timings are captured along with their Photograph and hence keep it more secure and authenticated.

Configure Company Holidays

The Time Management system allows you to add company holidays or OFF days, to prevent scheduling tasks on days when you and your team are unavailable. It will save your time and helps you to manage and schedule your work accurately by checking the schedule information for a whole month/ year.

Export Timesheets in OfficeGx TMS

OfficeGx TMS allows you to export the Clock In and Clock Out data of each employee from the beginning of the day. It depicts daily track record in detail basing on the punch timings. The Time sheets are very helpful to check the overall recordings at one place.

Auto Approval request in TMS

TMS sends you detailed request through the mail on request submission of your employee with his/her punch in and punches out details and IP information. The request will be determined if can be automatically approved even without an action from any approver regardless of submitter signature authority.